Thakhek Loop Tour Interactive Travel Guide

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The Thakhek Loop Tour INTERACTIVE TRAVEL GUIDE includes HYPER-LINKS for:

  • Google maps
  • Agoda Direct Booking
  • Travel options using 12GOASIA
  • Primary sightseeing attractions
  • Routes and distances from central points to sightseeing attractions
  • Great value for money accommodation options (mid-range and budget)
  • Recommended tour operators
  • Recommended motorbike rental outlets
  • Recommended restaurants/eateries
  • YouTube highlights videos

To help you make the most of your valuable sightseeing time, download the Thakhek Loop Tour Interactive PDF and use it as your DIGITAL TRAVEL GUIDE to plan your outings to the various sites in and around Thakhek.

This interactive travel guide provides in-depth information, including directions and how to get there, for the highlight attractions of: Thakhek, Kong Lor Cave, Nang Ene Cave, The Thalang Sunrise Tour, Dragon Cave and the Cold Springs.

The Thakhek Loop Tour Interactive Travel Guide KONG LOR CAVE

A tour through Kong Lor Cave is a highlight of the Thakhek Loop Tour

About: The Thakhek Loop is an off the beaten track travel experience and is gaining notoriety as one of the best motor bike touring trips in South East Asia. In years gone by it was considered an arduous undertaking, due to some long stretches of dirt road along hwy 1E. That is no longer the case. As of 2016, all roads on hwy 1E are sealed. It is now possible to do the trip comfortably during the wet (monsoon) season. The full distance, including a side trip to Kong Lor Cave, is 442 km. With that in mind I would recommend four days to complete the trip to enable a more satisfying, unhurried sightseeing experience.

Megaworld Asia Interactive Guide Pdf THALANG SUNRISE

The Thalang sunrise tour is a magical sightseeing experience on the Thakhek Loop

The sunrise boat tour: The highlight of a stay at Thalang has to be the sunrise boat tour. If you’re staying at the Sabaidee Thalang Guesthouse, the staff can arrange a tour for you. Prices are 50,000 LAK per person and a minimum of three passengers is normally required. The departure time is just before 6 am and as you cruise across the lake in an open boat, thousands of dead trees are silhouetted against the bright glare of the rising sun. It’s definitely a trip to remember.
Megaworld Asia Interactive Guide Pdf COOL POOL

The Cold Springs (cool pool) is a popular stop on the Thakhek loop

Cool Pool: Is one of the most popular stops on the Thakhek loop. The turn off is a further 18 km beyond the Dragon Cave. There’s a large advertising sign on the right of hwy 8. From there, it’s an additional 4.5 km of dirt road to the parking area. As of January 2020, the entry fee is 20k LAK (Laotian Kip) per person. Visitors are also required to pay a motorbike parking fee of 5k LAK. The primary attraction is the clear, turquoise waters. It’s a spring fed natural pool where Looper’s can cool off after the heat of the 90 km ride from Thalang. It’s a great spot to relax and chill out, while swimming and taking in the surrounding scenery.

BONUS: The Thakhek Loop Travel Guide also includes travel guides for: The Extended Loop and the Xebangfai Cave.

The Thakhek Loop Tour Interactive Travel Guide XEBANGFAI CAVE

The Xebangfai is currently listed as the world’s largest river cave

About: XEBANGFAI CAVE contains some of the world’s largest cave rooms and is currently considered the most spectacular known cave river in the world. The cave (aka Khoun Xe Cave) is located in a remote corner of Laos, in the Hin Nam No National Park (near the Vietnamese border). It is formed and traversed by Xe Bang Fai River, which starts near the border with Vietnam, and flows towards the Mekong River. The cave is well known to the local people, since ancient times. Laotians believe that in this giant cave are living spirits of the caves and waters – Phe Thame and Phe Nam. Many are afraid of these supernatural beings and do not pass through the cave. Villagers living downstream from the cave consider the cave is a source of the river. Xebangfai Cave is a truly spectacular caving experience. Contact Green Discovery Laos to arrange an adventure trip to be remembered.

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