The LOS Diaries: Part 2

The LOS Diaries: Part Two – No Place For The Weary Kind

By Mark Jones




“I paid the entrance fee – got some approving nods from the boys on the door – and entered the club to feel the full blast of house music. Firm butt had already told me she liked dancing and, as we made our way to an empty table, she looked enthusiastically at the raised platform that runs the length of the subterranean bar area. There were already a number of groovers up on it gyrating away and the three chrome poles, spaced along its length, gave the freelancers the added bonus of recalling their past days as professional pole swingers. We ordered our drinks and I continued warming to the vibe; the place was heaving and the music was pumping. I looked up at the dance platform again and it began to resemble something of a circus, or carnival. A large breasted, two hundred pound farang women, dressed in a pair of black lycra shorts, and a black body hugging top, was knocking people left, right and centre as she cavorted around one of the poles and looked seductively down at the crowd below (take it as a given that the crowd was not looking seductively back at her). Directly in front of us a Thai female dwarf, dressed in a pair of board shorts and a tank top, was dry humping some prone, twenty year old farang tourist up there as well. God knows what he was thinking.”

Another night, another girl and another party in the City of Angels. In the second instalment of the LOS Diaries the author takes you on a journey into the exotic, and the erotic, atmosphere of one of the most hedonistic cities on the planet. This is the story of a resident expats adventures, and night time exploits, in the go-go bars, and night clubs, of an Asian metropolis where the action never stops and you can party until you drop. It’s a rollicking ride and an insider’s peek into the highs, and lows, of a life of carefree indulgence amongst the fleshpots of Bangkok. It is also a story, like so many others who catch the buzz of the Big Mango, of losing oneself to of a life out of control and going to the very edge of acceptable moral integrity. It is the author’s journey down a path of disillusionment, cynicism, and self-doubt before, finally, achieving self-realisation. It is a story which will amuse as much as it may shock but, ultimately, it is a story of personal growth; of a life lost, and found, in a town without pity. These are the LOS Diaries.



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