The LOS Diaries: Part 1

The LOS Diaries: Part one

 Inner Space Thailand

By Mark Jones




“What’s the problem?” I said.

“Oh nothing, we need a break and we want a beer,” they said as they removed their scuba units and moved towards the ice chest.

“It would be a lot better if you could wait until the completion of this session before cracking one,” I said trying to hide my growing impatience.

“Well, you know, we’re Swedish and we like a beer.”

Fifteen minutes later we were back into the training session and they were looking decidedly less than switched on. I gave up on mask clearing drills and just let them swim around and work on their buoyancy control. Twenty minutes after resuming the training session they were taking off their kit and moving towards the ice chest again. They looked at me and were about to say something when I just said “I know, you’re from Sweden and you like a beer.”

“Would you like a beer?” they both responded.

“I may as well,” I replied, resigning myself to the idea that I wasn’t going to achieve much more for the day.

“Cheers,” I said, as we sat back in the pool and took a long gulp of cold Carlsberg.

I just figured it was the LOS factor at work again. Blokes, who were probably sane and reasonable back in their home countries were, for no definitive reason, going troppo here in the Land of Smiles. I eventually finished the course with them but not before we’d had a few more beer interrupted training sessions.

This is it, an insider’s look at the world of scuba diving in a tropical resort location. An entertaining and action filled memoir of one man’s involvement in the business of scuba diving, and scuba instruction, set against the background of the exotic, and the erotic, in Thailand during the halcyon days of the scuba industry in Phuket. A fun filled, crazy adventure of underwater hi-jinks, drunkenness, debauchery and, at times, tragedy which lifts the lid on the politically incorrect screw-ups and failings of life in the scuba profession in paradise. Your next breath underwater will never be the same again.



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