Magical Myanmar

MYANMAR (BURMA) is a destination which in many respects is still an “off the beaten track” travel experience. With the opening of the country, and the installation of a civilian government in 2015, the pace of development is picking up. While the numbers of tourists arriving is gathering pace, it still has a much less commercialised feel to it than neighboring countries such as Thailand and Cambodia. To see in-depth trip reports on the best attractions in NORTHERN MYANMAR, click on the listed links below.

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Best waterfalls in South East Asia

To see in-depth trip reports on the biggest and the best waterfalls in the S.E. Asian Region, click on the links of each listed waterfall site.

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Caving trips in Laos

Central LAOS, and in particular, KHAMMOUANE PROVINCE, is considered to be caving central in LAOS. If you are interested in doing a caving trip to some of the best caves in the SOUTH EAST ASIAN Region, below are short summaries of each cave site and direct links to the latest in-depth info on getting there.

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