Best waterfalls in South East Asia

To see in-depth trip reports on the biggest and the best waterfalls in the S.E. Asian Region, click on the links of each listed waterfall site.


Thi Lo Su Falls, Umpung District, THAILAND

Thi Lo Su Waterfall is located within a pristine jungle area of Thailand, called Umphang Wild Life Sanctuary. According to Wikipedia –  Thi Lo Su is Thailand’s largest waterfall. Its spread is equivalent to the area of five football fields and, at its peak flow time (June – November), releases the greatest water volume of any complex of falls in Thailand.



In full flow at the peak of the rainy season

Ban Gioc Falls, and its associated river, form part of the border with China with the delineation running straight down the middle of the falls’ terraced levels. Ban Gioc also happens to be the world’s fourth largest cross border falls and in the full flow of the rainy season is well worth the effort of getting there.



Tad Katamtok is Laos’ highest waterfall

The Bolaven Plateau is gaining notoriety as one of the best motorbike loop trips in S.E. Asia. The 3 – 4 day loop begins and ends in Pakse and does a circuit around a plateau – approx. 1300 mtrs at its highest point – which is the remnants of an extinct volcano. The highlight of the loop trip is the number of visually impressive waterfalls that can be visited.

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